Telstra Kids Fund website


The Telstra Foundation is Telstra’s charity, focused on driving digital and social innovation to benefit vulnerable communities. One of three grant programs the Foundation runs, Telstra Kids Fund, distributes one million dollars in small grants to more than 800 grassroots community organisations.

The Telstra Foundation (Telstra’s charity) wanted to simplify and digitise Telstra Kids Fund processes, in line with their focus on digital innovation. Specifically, the Foundation wanted to improve the end-to-end user experience and automate social media functionality to amplify the grants and their impact nationally.


Define, design and build an entirely custom digital platform for the Telstra Kids Fund.

By examining the user experience from the perspective of the program manager, employees and grant recipients, we were able to automate and help simplify the steps involved. We produced a website featuring a fully-integrated CMS and social media solution pulling in data from multiple platforms and accounts. This system also enables secure verification against the Australian Taxation Office database of registered not for profits and integration with Telstra’s banks payment system to automate and enhance the speed in which grants are paid.

Using graphics and imagery we created a visually appealing site with a focus on fun, play, and learning experiences.


The new platform has saved over 100 working days annually in administration, significantly shortened the payment timeframe for approved grants and created a constant flow of social media content to communicate the good work being done.