Opal Kawana Waters


Opal were opening a new, state of the art home; Opal Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast. Focus Creative were tasked with promoting the new home six months in advance of the home opening and after it had opened. The goal was to fill 10% of Kawana Waters’ capacity prior to the official opening and encourage families to attend open days after the home had opened to further fill the home.


First, research into the competition and demand in the local area was conducted. From this research a media plan was drawn up. In the lead up to the opening of Kawana Waters, Focus Creative produced a range of promotional communications including billboards, print ads, fact sheets, a promotional web page and a targeted pay per click marketing campaign to generate awareness of the new home.

In the last month prior to opening, the messaging changed to focus on encouraging families who were considering moving a relative into a home to attend an information evening. Finally, Focus Creative produced pull up banners, letterheads and plaques to support open days after the home had opened.


We achieved our target of 10% occupancy pre opening. The open days and information evenings were well attended and also deemed successful. In promoting this new home Opal ventured into a new area for them – pay per click marketing. With only a small budget, we set up a highly targeted campaign which reached over 2,500 people and achieved a click through rate of 6% – well above Google’s bench mark of 2%.