Lawn Solutions – TVC


Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) challenged us to produce a TVC that strengthened their brand, positioned them as THE authority on all things turf and maximised their media and production budget over the course of a year.


Firstly we identified the two key purchasing time periods of the year to maximise the effect of the campaign. Two three week periods were chosen during which the ads were shown with greater frequency to make the most of the media spend and desired outcome.

To further optimise the production budget, two versions of the TVC were shot on the same day with subtle changes to tailor the ad for each key time period.

The ad leveraged Jason Hodges (from Better Homes and Gardens) to give credibility to the LSA name and we added a touch of humour to ensure the ad was memorable.

The script was designed to appeal to the lawn novice, the lawn enthusiast and everyone in between. The end frame of the ad demonstrated the range of quality grasses LSA supply.

The ad also received support from online channels such as Facebook and display ads which reinforced the humorous messaging.


LSA were extremely happy with the way the TVC positioned them as a brand and the way in which the content spoke to their target audience. The ad was delivered on-budget and in time to appear during the seasonal peaks.

The online display ads have (at time of publishing) been seen 2.5 million times and generated over 11,000 visits to the LSA website. LSA’s Facebook following has also increased significantly through ads relating to the TVC.