Kenwood – Kitchen Machine touch screen


Kenwood Kitchen Machines are incredibly versatile with over twenty attachments, from pasta rollers to meat grinders, which can be overwhelming for a first time buyer. Focus were tasked to create an in-store solution to showcase and highlight this versatility and enable customers to easily access this information.


In this segment, in-store displays are critical to delivering a sale. We proposed a 2m high, interactive touchscreen to guide the customer through a selection of dishes, demonstrating how creation is made simple with the machine and attachments. Visuals, recipes and video content bring the story to life.


The analytics reported strong levels of interaction as it allows consumers to visually explore the product. Retail staff love the device, as it helps them explain the function of all attachments and creates standout in a busy retail space.

Due to its success, this interactive touchscreen has been rolled out across 50 other retail stores in Australia