Kenwood – Chef Sense TVC


Kenwood is a staple brand name for many families across Australia and is associated with happy childhood memories, like learning how to bake. It's the machine that gets handed down from generation to generation and never breaks! We needed to broaden the appeal to include a younger, wider market to drive sales.


Create aspirational, yet relatable content to appeal to all generations and inspire them to create more. We proposed a series of videos telling the story of different generations in one family, and showing how preparing food – an integral part of everyday life – can be shared with those we love. The final spot bought the whole family together for a shared Sunday lunch around the table in the backyard.

The TVC debuted alongside My Kitchen Rules, and were used across Kenwood’s online and social media channels and in retail stores.


The 30 second TVC reached over three million direct viewers, and the four individual videos were pushed out through social media generating an average of 150,000 views each. Comments reinforced that viewers of all ages were genuinely inspired to create.