Glad – The Food Gym illustrations


Food storage is a relatively simple topic so we needed to create a unique concept that would appeal to both existing GLAD customers and encourage new ones. The brief was to educate and inform customers on how GLAD Cling Wrap could extend the life of their favourite fresh fruit and vegetables.


To do this, we created illustrated characters - each involved in a different physical activity. Our fruit and vegetable characters were seen taking care of themselves, which provided the creative link to the consumer benefit - ‘extending the life of fresh produce’ and accompanied a simple explanation of how GLAD Cling Wrap would keep fresh food fresher and therefore healthier.

Focus Creative brought GLAD’s illustration dream to life with ‘The Food Gym’ – a fun way of engaging with GLAD customers and their children, and sharing information on the best ways to store fresh food. Eighteen fruit-themed, hand-drawn characters starred in a twelve-week campaign showing how to best store fresh produce and therefore keep it healthier.


‘The Food Gym’ campaign was featured across social media platforms, extensive in-store coverage, and on GLAD digital media partners. GLAD reported improved customer engagement after monitoring and analysing the topic via conversations in their various forums and social media platforms.