CHUX – Social Media


Whether you like it or not, house work needs to be done. It’s a necessary evil, and we all feel better once it's out of the way. Chux wanted to tap into it’s core customer base and create a forum where the community were able to exchange tips, facilitate conversations and in the process develop customer advocacy. After a number of years with the same content pillars and strategy in which, they were generating product posts as well as telling their community how to clean, they begun to notice a drop in engagement.


Given the subject matter and Facebook’s changing algorithms, we strongly felt that we needed to have fun with the topic of cleaning and celebrate people’s home achievements to drive maximum engagement. Using this thinking, we amended and developed content pillars, re-thought how we could get product benefits across in the posts, refined the image styling and crafted relevant and bespoke themes for each month.

Each post now aims to surprise and delight, with a carefully considered mix of humour and realism. Focusing on pain-points our community faces as well as embracing messy moments we have been able to tap into a more real and encouraging tone within our content. Posts are targeted at homemakers and mothers and aim to benefit their daily lifes.


Since beginning to manage the page in July 2016 we have seen some fantastic results. On average, each post:
• Reaches over 100K people (an increase of 100%)
• Receives over 2K reactions (an increase of 519%)
• Over 200+ comments (up by 303%)
• Shared 264 times (an increase of 810%)