CommBank – Welcome to the Future permanent installation


There is wide debate amongst industry experts and academic circles around which future trends and technologies will revolutionise and disrupt industries.

To showcase CommBank’s dedication to innovation and commitment to clients, they built a thought provoking interactive experience bringing to life anticipated future trends, technologies and challenges to facilitate deeper conversation and collaboration with clients.  With a greater understanding of a client’s industry, their challenges and needs, allows CommBank a greater ability to provide customised solutions that can help future proof the client’s business.


To deliver four interactive games, each focusing on a specific industry, and challenge players to complete a mission and attain targets.

To be successful, players need to learn about and understand the macro trends and technologies anticipated to disrupt and change the way these industries operate in the future and apply these to the mission at hand. Players work their way through five decisions aligned to key trends and designed to act as a point of discussion. The decisions made will impact the overall score, against three different targets which makes the experience competitive and fun.


The first of the games has been demonstrated at two client events since it was installed, led by the CEO. The award-winning installation continues to support client relationships and collaboration by provoking thought, discussion and ideation.