CommBank – Welcome to the Future immersive presentation


The Group Executive of Business & Private Banking wanted to get his leadership team thinking about how clients will operate five years into the future, and how CommBank needs to evolve its services in order to stay relevant.


Executives were invited to the CommBank Innovation Lab, and seated in the ‘Ideas Box’ room which had been converted into a 270 degree, floor to ceiling, immersive theatre. Once settled, a filmed scene built up along the front and side walls with supporting surround sound.

Three presenters took it in turn to tell their story; the future farmer remotely managed her farm from Beijing using drones. The investor managed his investments from his smart watch from his favourite cafe and the manufacturer predicted demand of 3D printed chairs, and modified designs in real-time from the factory floor.

Using a cued theatre system, we were able to overlay futuristic operating systems onto the background scenes and make them respond to each presenter’s gestures.

After each presentation, executives were asked to brainstorm how the Bank would remain relevant in the future, scribing notes on the glass topped tables in front of them.


The experience was so well received that the presentations were repeated at three more off-sites, and captured on video to live permanently in the Innovation Lab for visitors to watch.